Laser Dentistry

Noelridge Dental is pleased to offer patients the finest, most modern dental treatment through the use of laser dentistry technology. With the refinement of laser dentistry, many dental treatments can now be performed more quickly, less invasively, and with little or no pain or discomfort for the patient. Through the employment of laser dentistry techniques, many procedures, such as the application of tooth-colored fillings can be performed without the use of anesthesia. Without the need for anesthesia, the length of a dental treatment appointment can be conveniently abbreviated.

Although some more extensive laser dentistry procedures still require the use of anesthesia, all laser dentistry procedures tend to result in a shorter patient recovery time. Because dental lasers are often a gentler and more precise means of treating sensitive mouth tissue, laser dentistry procedures have been clinically proven to involve less bleeding and swelling of the gums and less post-procedure discomfort.